Reaching your audience, readers, leads, potential customers, has more gateways than ever. You can mail, you can send across push notifications, you can send an IM message, all social media platforms now have a direct messaging option. Despite these innovations, SMS still exists. And why so? Latest data reveals the astonishing reason.

Business analysts have found out that despite the channel being dated, SMS now generate the highest ROI. But why is this happening? Is the platform superior in some unforeseen way?

Turns out that technological advances and the abundance of options is what is indirectly responsible for this turning of tables. SMS once used to be a platform for personal interaction. However, that function has been snatched away by social media and IMs.



However, businesses were late to react to this drop in popularity of SMS. They continued to push out official interactions to the customers and leads via SMS. And before they knew, people began SMS to official communications.

Another reason for the rising popularity of SMS for advertising is that now more people have smartphones and within SMS you can send a link, he adds. Instead of doing 160 characters communication, you can send a range of media communication which takes you to the portal when you click the link and can drive you to richer communication.

This has not escaped the attention of the social media moguls either. Most social media giants agree that ditching SMS would be a suicidal idea. Alternative channels generate around 1.6% ROI, whereas, SMS and emails still rack up double digits.