We live in an age where technology is being adapted by almost everyone. Everyone uses smartphones and social media as a tool of communication, education and entertainment. However for many marketers a�� these are very handy tools for product promotion.

On the contrary, marketers are getting frustrated by the constant algorithm changes made by the social media platforms and search engines. Promotional emails havena��t been quite effective as well as it was before. And this makes a way for SMS marketing to be a very effective tool for the growth of a business.

Though ita��s not a new form of marketing, rather it is one that is piquing interest and growing fast now a days. Many statistics say the open rates of SMS is as high as 95%-99%, and the response rate is nearly 35%; which exceeds both typical email opening and social media engagement rates in a big margin.

So where and how to start?

  1. Select a SMS Service Provider:

The first thing of your check list would be to choose a reliable bulk SMS service provider. The selection criteria should cover the following things:

  • Flexibility of the system
  • Consistent performance of the platform
  • Cost per SMS etc.

You should select a service provider that has a combinations of these features.

  1. Consider Legal Issues:

Once you have selected your service provider, consider the legal issues right away. You should check the Terms and Conditions of the provider and check for the regulators (e.g. BTRC) guidelines as well.

  1. Develop a Customer Database:

Create a contact number database of your previous and potential customers. Fragment the database according to the customera��s age, location, gender, profession, buying behavior, purchase capacity etc. This part is vital as a proper segmentation will tears apart the barriers and will provide extra mileage to convert more SMS viewers into leads.

  1. Timing and Frequency

Conduct research on the customers is the best way to figure out your next steps. Identify who they are and the type of work schedules they maintain will also help you determine the best times to burst the SMS. Say for example, if you have a restaurant business, you should send SMS right before the lunch or dinner time with a special discount offer.

Dona��t be too aggressive. Sending SMS messages too frequently just annoys the customers. In contrast, you also do not want to get out of the minds of your customers. Sending 6-8 messages per month or 1-2 messages per week is enough to remain in the customers mind without making them annoyed. However, this patter can be adjusted once any event or occasion comes. Reading the customers mind is the key for SMS marketing success.

  1. Design Smart Wording

It is a tough task to design your SMS messages with a limitation of 160 characters per SMS. Within this limitation you have to design a crisp, catchy, effective and informative message. Put your business name at first is needed so that customers do not think it is a spam. Use a call to action to confirm the participation of the customer. Specify the offer i.e. just do not tell a�?there is a salea�� rather tell a�?there is a sale on so and so productsa��. The SMS should also be designed in a way that it can be shared to others. Avoid gorgons and use simple words so that everyone understands the message.

  1. Bursting

Do not send the SMS to a large number of customers at a time. It may create congestion in your system. On the other hand, you must be eager to know the result of the message. So start sending the SMS to a selected mediocre customer group, get the result and change the design of the message accordingly if needed.


SMS marketing is very effective tool for promoting your products and service. Starting it seem ambiguous as you dona��t know where to start. The first step is to choose a good SMS service provider and then it becomes easier as the provider guides you throughout the journey. You need to speak to your customers in a specific and easy language. Again, you should think about when and how often you should send them.

With these simple tasks, you will know more about the specifics of SMS marketing and thus will grow your business.



Asruf-Ul-Jubair works as the Marketing & Implementation Manager ofA�Bangla Phone Limited & Commlink Info Tech Limited

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